Avoid Upgrade Disaster

by DM on December 17, 2015

Windows-10-free-croppedWe all want things to be better than they are, even when the things we have are already good. This is especially true with technology. The urge to upgrade our devices to something “better” is deeply ingrained in our psyche, promulgated by the tech companies who promise us a better life, or at least a faster or better computer, just by upgrading what we already have. This is the business model of technology- selling you something you don’t really need but convincing you that you need it anyway. I am constantly being asked by clients as to whether they should upgrade to Windows 10, or El Capitan, or the latest iOS, etc. The answer is usually pretty simple: If what you have is working well enough, and there is no other pressing reason, then don’t upgrade. Chances are the upgrade will not make things significantly better, and there is a good chance it will make them significantly worse. This is especially true when upgrading older devices, such as your Windows 7 PC or your old MacBook or iPhone. Microsoft, Google and Apple will tell you that your older device is upgrade eligible because they want the largest number of devices to push out apps to, and they don’t particularly care if their upgrade trashes a certain percentage of older machines. So when in doubt, resist the urge to click “Install Now.”

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